When moving into a brand new home, you assume that everything is in excellent condition and that repairs won’t be needed. All of the home’s systems and components are new. Unfortunately, mistakes are made during the construction process and issues can still be present. Many builders offer a one-year warranty to cover construction and material defects. If you are living in a newly built home, here are a few reasons you should order an 11th-month inspection before the warranty expires.

Request Necessary Repairs

One of the main reasons to request an 11th-month warranty inspection is because you can still have issues repaired under warranty. You won’t have to risk being responsible for the repairs after the warranty expires. Any issues that are uncovered during an 11th-month inspection will be addressed according to the terms of the warranty that you’ve been provided. Order the inspection before the warranty expires, which is usually during the 11th month.

An 11th-Month Inspection Can Find Hidden Defects

Although new homes should be in pristine condition once they’re completed, there could still be problems present. When you order an 11th-month warranty inspection, you may discover that mistakes were made when framing the home, installing the plumbing, or laying the roof. The home inspector will do a thorough assessment of the property and will find defects that you may not have noticed, even after living in the home for several months.

Prepare for the Sale of Your Home With an 11th-Month Inspection

You’ve only just moved into your new house, so you probably are not thinking about putting it on the market anytime soon. Even if you plan to live in your home for a while, an 11th-month inspection will help you prepare for the future sale of the property. By examining every aspect, an inspector can find defects, deficiencies, and safety issues that could affect the sale of the home. When a buyer makes an offer, he or she will order their own home inspection. That inspection will uncover any issues that have been present since the original construction and could affect your sale price.

Protect Your Family With a Professional Inspection

An 11th-month warranty inspection helps protect your family by determining whether the house is safe to live in after it’s constructed. Your family’s safety may be at risk if faulty construction materials or poor construction practices were used.

An 11th-month inspection protects your financial investment, safety, and peace of mind. Hire a professional for an inspection before your warranty expires and you’ll learn about deficiencies, save money, and protect your family by having the builder make required repairs.

Exceptional Engineering Home Inspections provides 11th-month warranty inspections to Mariposa County, Arizona. Before your builder’s warranty expires, contact us to schedule an appointment.