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Always professional and very helpful. The absolute best!

-Chris Kjorstad, 2021

We were fortunate to have gotten a true professional for our inspection. He was courteous and knowledgeable – detailed and straight-forward, which is what we needed in order to feel confident going forward with our sale. I would highly recommend his service.

-Lori Cass, 2021

Michael was a great inspector! He is clearly very knowledgeable in his field and paid great attention to detail. Michael was able to answer all of my questions and was very good at explaining his answers in a way that I could understand.

-Lisa Martinez, 2021

My husband and I were most impressed with Mike’s expertise and professionalism. Honest inspection done with integrity. Absolutely recommend this company!

-Angela Richards, 2021

Michael did a very professional job across the board. Would use him again without exception.

-David Emory, 2021

Michael performed a pre purchase home inspection for us. We were really, really impressed with Mike’s professional expertise. He KNOWS what he’s talking about and he explained everything to us in a very friendly and easy to understand way.

-William Kessler, 2021

so professional, i was truly pleased and impressed, i would highly recommend.

-Sherry Currie, 2021

Michael was terrific. He did a through job with the inspection, he did it promptly and professionally and was very pleasant to deal with. I will use him again in the future. Highly recommend him.

-Sandra Butterfield, 2021

Kevin and I have counted on Michael numerous times to handle our home inspection needs for our buyers. From the very beginning he delivered comprehensive, clear, and balanced inspection results along with very good counsel on remedies.

-Renee Epple, 2021

Michael inspected our home, was very professional, thorough and informative. Highly recommend him to anyone. Complete with many pictures and recommendations. Very helpful!

-Craig Ashcraft, 2021

Michael provided an inspection for a home that we just purchased. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of our questions and a in detail and we never felt rushed (even though it was on a Saturday morning. Thank you, Michael!

-Joshua Breger, 2021

Michael came highly recommended and I see why! He was very thorough and explained everything well! Very efficient in his process and was very trustworthy in his recommendations.

-Maggie Beronio, 2021

We used Michael for our recent home inspection. We needed a licensed structural engineer due to some previously disclosed issues with the roof. Our realtor said it might be difficult to find a licensed engineer on such short notice.

-Mr Utley, 2021

Very professional and thorough inspection report with pictures, explanations, suggested fixes, and approximate costs to repair. Highly recommend!

-Weston Kissee, 2021

Michael performed a pre purchase home inspection for us. We were really, really impressed with Mike’s professional expertise. He KNOWS what he’s talking about and he explained everything to us in a very friendly and easy to understand.

-William Kessler, 2021

Great experience and thorough inspection!

-Brad, 2021

Michael is an ethical, experienced, and very knowledgeable inspector and engineer! He is also very responsive in answering any questions my clients and I had before the inspection took place.

-Fiona Llavona, 2021

Michael saved me when I was in a pinch and needed an inspection ASAP. He went out the same day and completed it for me! I highly recommend him!

-Rachael Bell, 2021

Michael’s professionalism and attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations. He was recommended to me by my realtor and I am extremely glad for it. I too highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Very patient, answered all my questions, very detailed and easily congest-able; I will definitely look for Michael again.

-Hunthrey Chan, 2019

We were referred to Michael Weinberg who owns and operates Exceptional Engineering Home Inspections by our realtor, Patrick Halpine of Keller Williams. My wife and I are in the middle of purchasing our first home here in Arizona. It is such a huge investment (and enormous purchase) that skimping on the inspection was non-negotiable. Mike met us promptly at our property this weekend which meant he made a special exception just for us. Obviously, he went above and beyond just by booking the appointment. That alone spoke volumes. He did not need to do this, but am so thankful he accommodated us!

Saying that Mike was thorough does not even begin to explain the kind of inspection he did on our future home. He diligently went through every square inch of the house making notes and taking photos of any future issues we may have. He went well above and beyond spending upwards of almost two hours at the property with us. He made sure all of our questions and concerns were answered. He did everything possible to make sure we felt comfortable with everything he was doing and he even went so far as to make sure he was telling us what he was looking for in each room. He went into the attic in the summertime in Arizona – if that doesn’t give you an idea of the kind of business that Mike operates, I’m not sure what will. My wife and I are so pleased that he was referred to us by our realtor. I am thankful he had our best interests in mind and would absolutely beyond a shadow of any doubt recommend him to any family, friend, neighbor or co-worker.

Thanks so much for being so thorough, MIke and explaining everything to us this morning!

-Scott W, 2018

Michael had a quick reply, honest and provided great customer service! I Would definitely recommend!

-Sam S, 2018

Thus the name… Mike is an Engineer designing homes. He builds and works as a consultant on many major projects in the valley. He put his knowledge to work for himself and has become the BEST home inspector I have EVER worked with! He has a finesse to deliver the troubling news to a Buyer with tact and care. This guy will beat the costs of any other company out there! Give him a try!

-Theresa Mattern, 2018

Michael is very professional and his reports are very detailed and easy to read. Being an engineer as well, Michael brings much more to the inspection than the typical service from others.

-Bryan Hamby, 2017

I’ve never had a complaint about Michael or his inspections. He is incredibly detailed, and patiently explains his findings to my clients. Top notch, professional service all the way around.

-Patrick Halpine, 2017

Very skilled with the inspection without being overly critical. Michael went above and beyond to chase down electrical for the A/C. I would highly recommend Michael as a home inspector and will use him in the future.

-Shannon Calamito, 2017

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