Spring and summer are prime termite season as new colonies are established and existing ones grow. In Arizona, most homeowners notice them from March to November but because of the climate, you can find termites any time of the year. A colony of termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and preventing a termite infestation is easier than getting rid of one. Here are the best ways to prevent termites in the home.

1. To Prevent Termites, Eliminate Excess Moisture

Termites thrive in moist areas. By keeping your home dry, you can keep them away. Keep the humidity level in your home low and check all of your plumbing to make sure the pipes are leak-free. Take a look at exterior air conditioning units. Make sure they aren’t condensing moisture that may attract termites to your home.

2. Check For Rot and Decay

Preventing termites comes down to more than just eliminating moisture. Termites love wood that is rotting and decaying. Replace any old wood in or around your home that is deteriorating.

3. Prevent Termites by Blocking Their Entrances

When working to prevent termites, inspect for cracks they can crawl through. Check all doors and windows to make sure weather-stripping is intact. These pests can squeeze into small spaces, so be diligent throughout the warmer months to seal any openings.

4. Inspect Regularly for Termites and Other Wood-destroying Insects

An important part of preventing termites is confirming they haven’t already invaded your home. By noticing when an infestation has begun, you can address it before more damage occurs. Most home insurance policies don’t cover termites so it’s important to catch these pests early.

If you’re not quite sure what to look for or are afraid you’ll miss something important, it’s best to hire a professional service to perform an inspection once a year. If termites or signs of them are found, a professional will help you figure out what to do next.

5. Keep Firewood Away From the Home to Prevent Termites

To prevent termites, don’t store firewood against the house. Organic matter like foliage, mulch, and firewood, attracts termites closer to the home. Keep mulch away from your foundation and find a different material to serve the same purpose while landscaping. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the residence.

With enough preparation and vigilance you can keep your home from being damaged by termites or other wood-destroying insects.

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