No matter the size of your attic, the possibilities for creating a functional, useable space are seemingly endless. Depending on your lifestyle and your family’s needs, consider these ideas for an attic renovation.

Attic Renovation for Smaller Spaces

Even if your attic is small, there are still ways to make the area useable.

Create a Reading Nook During Your Attic Renovation

If you are an avid reader and enjoy having books around, you’ll get a lot of use from a reading nook. Build shelves to hold all your favorite novels, add a rug to match the space, and find a cozy chair to relax in while you get lost in a good book.

Build a Closet

Many homeowners feel they don’t have enough closet space. Turn your attic into a walk-in closet if you need more room for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Install racks to hang clothes, built-in shelving for your shoes, and drawers for sweaters. Include hooks for hanging hats, scarves, and handbags. Add a chest of drawers for socks and jewelry.

Design a Movie Room

If an attic renovation is unnecessary, but you want to use the space, turn the upstairs into a movie room. Paint and decorate the space with comfortable furniture. Add a movie screen and a projection or a big screen TV. Build shelving to hold gaming systems, media players, and your collection of movies. And if you have the space, install a mini fridge and microwave for some movie snacks.

Attic Renovation for a Larger Attic Space

If your attic space is large, it has more potential. A renovation of a larger area may take more time and effort, but you have more possibilities.

Create a Home Office  

During the pandemic, many people started working from home. Whether you need a quiet place to do your job or would enjoy an area to pay bills, turn the attic into a home office. Depending on your needs, you might add several bookcases, a large desk, a comfy leather office chair, and a printing center. Make sure you have adequate storage to keep your office materials nearby.

Attic Renovation: Extra Bedroom 

A family that often has guests stay over will benefit from an additional bedroom. Whether your family is growing or you want a guest room, create an upstairs bedroom as your attic renovation project. Add good lighting, build a closet or purchase a wardrobe, and create a small sitting area if space allows.

Make a Play Space for the Kids

If you have small children, turn your attic into a fun space for them. Choose a theme appropriate for their age and go from there. Build shelves and purchase bins, buckets, and baskets to help with storage and organization. Put in a small reading nook with shelves for their favorite books, and make an art space where they can use their favorite art supplies.

When renovating your empty attic space, choose a project that fits your needs, your personality, and your family’s wishes. It’s an opportunity to be creative and design an area everyone will enjoy.

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