Here are some practical cleaning tips for pet owners to help you keep your home tidy while still enjoying the company of your pets.

1. Duct Tape to Remove Pet Hair

Because it’s so sticky, duct tape works well to remove pet hair from fabric. Use an old paint roller and wrap duct tape around it, sticky side out. Roll it over the area where pet fur is a problem. You can also wrap a cloth or a sponge in duct tape to get into small, or hard to reach areas.

2. Enzyme-Based Cleaners Remove Odors and Stains

One of the most useful cleaning tips is to use an enzyme-based product to clean pet stains and remove odors. Simply spray the cleaner directly on the stain, let it soak in, and then blot it with a cloth. Enzyme cleaners are best because they contain bacteria that actively eat away at stains and odors.

3. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Litter Liners

Cleaning the litter box is the least favorite task of most cat owners. Use a trash bag to line the box before adding litter and then easily fold it back over the dirty litter when it is time to replace it. Pull out the entire bag, tie it up, and throw it away!

4. A Pet Washing Station to Make Bath Time Easier

Bathing your pet regularly is a sure way to keep them smelling clean and fresh, but bath time can be a hassle if you don’t have a good setup. Make a dog washing station in your shower or outside your home. Configure it with a handheld sprayer for better control and less mess. Non-slip mats help to make the bath area stable and comfortable for pets.

5. Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners: Baking Soda for Fabrics

Carpets and upholstery are difficult to clean since you can’t just toss them in the washer. Sprinkle baking soda on chairs, sofas, carpets, and anywhere pets lounge. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before vacuuming the baking soda away.

6. Avoid Clogged Drains When Bathing Your Pet

If you’re bathing a pet in your shower, the drain will become clogged with their hair. Solve this problem by placing a mesh or stainless steel hair catcher over your drain. This works to catch fur but still allows water to drain.

Keeping your home clean when you have pets can be a challenge. Thankfully, these easy cleaning tips for pet owners help save you time and keep your home fresh and tidy.

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