There are several reasons to build a fence on your property, from privacy to protection to pet safety. However, installing a fence requires careful consideration and planning. So before you purchase your materials or arrange the necessary labor, take these steps.

5 Things to Consider Before You Build a Fence on Your Property

Decide Why You Need a Fence

The purpose of your new fence will determine the type you need and the layout. For example, if you want to have a fence on your property to increase your home’s security, a white picket fence will not be very effective. If you want one to improve curb appeal, chain-link is not the best choice.

Select the Right Materials

Once you know your reason for installing a fence, it’s easier to select suitable materials and designs. There are five primary materials used for property fences, and they all have different pros and cons:

Vinyl – durable and low maintenance, but expensive
Aluminum – durable, low-maintenance, and comes in many designs and colors
Wrought Iron – heavyweight and suitable for protection but can rust over time
Wood – most aesthetically pleasing and good for privacy but higher maintenance
Chain-link- durable, affordable, and makes a sound pet enclosure

Plan Access Points

When creating the layout plan for your new fence, think about the access points you need. If it’s enclosing your front yard, you might want a gate directly in front of your front door, but you should also choose one or two more access points around your property.

Think about how big these access points need to be too. For example, are they just for people passing through, or do you need a gate for your driveway or garage? Moreover, will the access points be big enough for bringing in things like lawnmowers and furniture? By thinking ahead, you can avoid any costly adjustments to the fence on your property in the future.

Estimate the Cost of a Fence on Your Property

Once you know the type of fence you want and have determined the layout, do some research to get an estimated cost for the job. Fence installation prices vary significantly, so it’s best to know the job’s cost before committing to it. If you find it will be more expensive than you imagined, look for ways to make it cheaper, like adjusting the boundaries.

Check Your Property Line

Finally, don’t begin installing a fence until you know where your property line falls so that you don’t end up building on your neighbor’s land. What’s more, if the installation work may affect your neighbors, be sure to speak with them about your plans beforehand. The fence may be on the border between your property and theirs, and in that case, you’ll need their cooperation to build it.

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