No matter how large or small, a fire can be devastating to your home, your family, and your possessions. House fires cause almost 7 billion dollars in damage to American homes annually. Being prepared, having an escape plan, and maintaining safety checks will reduce the chance that this happens to you. Follow these fire safety tips to decrease the risk of fire in your home.

1. For Fire Safety, Install and Maintain Smoke Alarms

Studies have shown that the best way to reduce your chances of injury in a fire is to install working smoke alarms. Place smoke alarms in common areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and halls, and on each level of your home.

2. Regularly Inspect Heat Sources

Routine maintenance and inspections of your heating system reduce the likelihood of malfunctions and issues that could start a fire. Move furniture away from heat sources and change filters to avoid the build-up of dust and debris that could catch fire. If you use space heaters, regularly inspect cords. When operating, keep these heaters at least three feet away from all combustible materials.

3. Use Care in the Kitchen

Don’t leave the stove unattended while cooking. Keep flammable items like towels and paper products away from heat sources. Kitchens are where most house fires begin, so be sure to practice fire safety when cooking.

4. Fire Safety Tips Include Checking Your Clothes Dryer

Conduct regular inspections of the connecting lines, dryer vent, and the lint trap on your clothes dryer. Clean the lint out of the lint trap every time you run a load. Lint is flammable, so when it builds up in the dryer it is a fire hazard.

5. Care for Electrical Cords

Check the condition of all electrical cords on a regular basis. Look for frayed or compromised wires. Replace or repair all worn cords to reduce the possibility of an electrical fire in your home.

6. Store Flammables Properly

Items like hairspray, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies contain flammable chemicals that may ignite if a fire breaks out. Designate a cool, dark place like a cupboard for flammable products to increase fire safety for your home.

7. Extinguishers are Essentials for Fire Safety

Many small fires quickly get out of control because homeowners are ill-equipped to handle such emergencies. Investing some money in fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and other fire-fighting tools gives you a chance to stop a small fire turning into a bigger blaze.

8. Have a Fire Safety Plan in Place

Create a fire safety plan with your family, including points of exit and where to meet when you escape. Practice safety drills and talk about possible scenarios so that everyone is prepared in case of an emergency.

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