New construction homes are appealing for many reasons. These homes are usually more energy-efficient with modern floor plans, and since no one has lived in the home before, you won’t find signs of wear and tear. Even so, there could still be mistakes or defects with the workmanship and materials. It’s important that you request a home inspection on new construction before your final walkthrough.

What Does a Home Inspection Include?

When you request a home inspection on new construction, a professional inspector will arrive at the property to perform a comprehensive inspection. The structural elements, roof, and exterior surfaces will be inspected to make sure that everything has been properly installed and built from quality materials. The electrical, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems will be assessed along with the major appliances.

The inspector will give you a detailed report on the quality and condition of the home to review before you move in. While new construction homes don’t usually have severe issues that need to be addressed, you don’t want to purchase a home without knowing that the property is in good condition.

Check the Workmanship of Multiple Contractors

No matter the reputation of the contractors and subcontractors that worked on your home, it’s important to understand all that goes into the building process. In most cases, many different contractors will be hired to work on multiple areas of the home at the same time.

With all this work happening at the same time, there is room for error and mistakes might be made. By hiring a third-party for the sole purpose of inspecting all of the home’s components, you reduce the chances of an issue going undetected.

Problems Can Be Fixed Early

Any problem that’s caught during the inspection can be fixed before you move into your new home. This is essential if you want to be able to enjoy your first experiences living there.

If you wait until after you’ve moved in to have these repairs completed, you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of those repairs. While you can wait to have some minor repairs made until after you’ve moved in, any significant issues that are caught during a home inspection on new construction should be repaired by the builder immediately.

Issues Can Come Up During Resale

When you’ve just purchased a new home, you likely won’t be thinking about the possibility of selling it in the future. However, that day might eventually come. When it does, it’s important that you’ve had the home inspected beforehand. If you decided to forego an inspection when you first purchased the home, issues that were never caught from the initial construction might surface. Addressing these issues early will allow you to avoid such a hassle.

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