Making your home more energy-efficient should be a top priority for every homeowner. There are several ways of accomplishing this goal that will lower your energy bills over time. Here are 7 ways to use less power while maintaining your home’s functionality.

Using Ceiling Fans Makes Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Use your ceiling fans to disperse heat from the ceiling during the winter season or to cool your home during the summer months. Fans help keep the house comfortable without having to rely solely on the HVAC system. Ceiling fans generally use between 60-75 watts per hour, even when they are on high, which is far less than the 3500 watts per hour used by a central HVAC system.

Turn Off The Lights When You Are Not Home

Turning off the lights in your home when your family is not there is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy. Turning off lights when they are not in use saves energy and helps light bulbs last longer. To double your efforts, purchase energy-efficient LED light bulbs instead of incandescent lights.

Seal Up Cracks

Sealing up cracks in your windows and around doors helps the home stay climate-controlled while using less energy. An airtight home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Gaps around doors and windows let indoor air leak out and outdoor air leak in. Sealing these gaps helps to alleviate this problem.

Make Sure Your Water Heater is Well-Maintained

When the water heater is not well-maintained, it costs a lot more to operate. Service the water heater twice a year to help it run efficiently. Keep your water heater set at a slightly lower temperature than normal to use less energy.

Adjust Your Thermostat to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Set the thermostat a bit higher in summer and lower in winter to save energy. You can also use a programmable or smart thermostat to adjust the home temperature levels while you are away, so you aren’t wasting energy on heating or cooling an unoccupied home.

Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water keeps energy costs lower in your home. Using cold water is more cost-effective than using hot water. Hot water must be heated by your water heater first, so you are using two appliances to wash your clothes.

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient by Changing Filters

Changing your air filters regularly will help your central air system run more effectively. A dirty filter recirculates the air through the home and forces the unit to work harder than necessary.

These are just some ways to reduce energy costs in your home. With more money in your pocket, you’ll free up funds to make other home improvements.

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