If you’ve had your current windows for decades, you probably know they aren’t as energy-efficient as they could be. While installing new windows may be a smart upgrade, it isn’t the most cost-effective option. However, there are inexpensive methods to improve your window’s insulation and save energy. Here are five affordable ways to make your windows more energy-efficient without replacing them.

Prevent Air Leaks to Make the Windows More Energy-Efficient

Most windows, particularly older ones, have spaces around the frame that are not correctly sealed. Hot and cold air can enter and leave your home through these gaps. Use silicone caulk to fill cracks and crevices to save energy.

Locating these tiny openings and air leaks can be challenging. Look for areas around the window frame where you can see the light shining through. If you don’t see apparent gaps, use a flashlight and try to identify them after dark.

Use Blinds to Boost Energy-Efficiency

Blinds and heavy curtains are the most inexpensive way of enhancing your windows’ efficiency. Window coverings like drapes, shades, and blinds provide privacy to your home and insulate the windows, boosting their efficiency. In the summer, close the blinds during the day to block radiant heat from the sun. In winter, keep the blinds or drapes open when it’s sunny and close them at night to trap the warm air inside.

Make Your Windows More Energy-Efficient With Window Film

Another great way to upgrade your windows is by installing energy-efficient window films. This inexpensive film provides an additional layer to your windows, making them more efficient overall. There are both temporary and permanent window films.

Temporary window films are the best option for people who live in areas with unpredictable weather conditions. You can benefit from them during the hot season and remove them when it gets chilly. Homeowners who live in warm locations year-round might opt to install permanent window films.

Purchase Low-Emissivity Storm Windows

Low-emissivity storm windows are usually installed over existing windows to enhance insulation and prevent cold air from entering your home while keeping hot air inside.

In addition to saving energy and keeping your house warm, buying storm windows is more affordable than installing entirely new windows. The lower price makes storm windows a better choice for buyers on a budget.

Conduct Necessary Repairs

Damaged windows allow air leaks which cause energy loss. They may also let water into your home, contributing to the spread of mold, mildew, and water damage around your window. Inspect the condition of your current windows and perform necessary repairs. These repairs may include replacing rotting or damaged window frames or and replacing broken glass.

It’s possible to make old windows more energy-efficient. The above solutions are simple and inexpensive but can significantly impact your monthly energy bills. If installing energy-efficient windows is not something you can afford, try these tips to boost your windows’ efficiency and functionality.

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