Moving is a busy time. Of all the tasks you’ll take on when relocating, don’t forget to notify people and places of your change of address. This guide is a list to help you remember who needs to know that you’ve moved.

1. Complete a Change of Address Form at the Post Office

Notify the post office when you move. Complete your change of address with the post office online or in-person. Arranging to forward your mail online requires a debit or credit card to pay the $1.05 fee and an e-mail address.

You can also visit your local post office and ask for a mover’s guide packet. Complete PS Form 3575 from the packet and hand it to a postal employee at the counter or drop it in the letter slot at the post office.

2. Utility Companies

Contact your utility companies to get services turned off at your old address and turned on at your new home. Make these arrangements early since some utility companies require several business days notice.

Shutting off utilities should be scheduled for the end of or just after your move date so that you’ll have water and electricity until you are finished moving.

3. Notify Your Employer of Your Change of Address

Your immediate supervisor and your colleagues in your department likely already know about your upcoming move. Be sure to also provide human resources with your change of address so you can receive tax documents and other official notifications.

4. Landlord

If you’re renting your current home, your lease usually specifies how far in advance you have to notify your landlord that you’ll be moving out. Your lease may include a financial penalty for tenants who leave without proper notice. Give your notice in writing and send it by certified mail or with delivery confirmation.

5. Department of Motor Vehicles

States give you a limited amount of time to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In some states, you have as few as 10 days from your move date to notify the DMV that you’ve moved.

6. Update Your Change of Address with Financial Institutions

Your bank and credit card issuers are places to notify of your change of address. You don’t want future residents of your old home receiving your bank statements and credit card bills. Also, if you have outstanding student loans, your lender needs your new mailing address.

7. Insurance Companies

Your insurer for your homeowners or renter’s policy needs to know that you’ll not be living at the insured property anymore. Also, you’ll need to establish an insurance policy for your new home. Your auto insurer, dental insurer, health insurer, and life insurance company also need information about your change of address.

8. Notify Schools of Your Change of Address

If your move requires your children to change schools, contact their current school to get their academic records sent to the right place.

9. Friends and Family Will Want to Know Your New Address

Your friends and family are the easiest to notify when you move. Send one change of address e-mail to notify everyone at the same time. Another option is to get creative and customize your moving announcements.

10. State Election Office

If you’re moving out of your voting precinct, contact your state election office so that you will be able to vote in local, state, and national elections.

11. Newspapers and Magazines

If you subscribe to publications that come in the mail, don’t forget to change your address. Notify any magazine, newspaper, or subscription boxes of your new mailing address.

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