A swimming pool is a wonderful addition to the backyard during the hot summer months. But, like all other aspects of homeownership, keeping your pool in top condition requires routine maintenance. Below are some swimming pool maintenance tips to keep the water healthy and clean.

Monitor Water Chemistry for Pool Maintenance

Regularly checking the water chemistry is one of the fundamental elements of proper pool maintenance. Not to mention, it’s easy and fast to complete. Test your pool water once weekly using a kit found at your local pool supply store. Other methods are available, but most homeowners prefer the ease of using testing strips.

Check chemical levels, including chlorine, alkalinity, acidity, and calcium. Take notice of the clarity of the pool water. If it looks cloudy, this indicates the chemical balance is off.

Maintain the Water Level

Another vital step in pool maintenance is monitoring the water levels. Water is lost during the summer due to high evaporation rates and regular pool activities such as splashing, swimming, and exiting the water.

When the level is low, it causes unnecessary strain on the pump and filter, which can cause them to burn out. Keep the water level high enough for the pump to function effectively. Use the garden hose to quickly and easily top off the water level.

Skim Floating Debris for Pool Maintenance

Skimming your pool’s surface is one of the easiest and fastest ways to maintain clean water. Skimming prevents the accumulation of debris and improves the pool’s circulation. Leaves, insects, sticks, and other debris may collect on the water’s surface and be pulled into the filtration system.

If you fail to catch debris, it will sink to the bottom, making it harder to remove. It is recommended to do this task daily or after every few days.

Check and Clean the Filter

Pool filters remove dirt and other debris from the water, keeping it clean and safe for swimming. Without a filter, your pool will accumulate debris over time and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and algae.

Keep the filter clean and in good condition. A cartridge filter will require cleaning at least twice yearly, while you should clean a sand filter after every season.

Brush the Walls

When the walls of your pool are dirty, they support algae buildup. To keep the water clean, scrub the pool walls every one to two weeks. If you encounter stubborn stains, dip a cloth in chlorine and apply it to that area. The chlorine helps break down the stain and makes cleaning easier.

Neglecting routine pool maintenance can result in costly repairs and make your pool unsafe to use. Follow the above steps to maintain a crystal-clear, safe swimming pool.

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