A pre-listing inspection is performed prior to putting your home on the market. This inspector provides a report of all the needed repairs. To improve the property’s appeal, complete some of the repair work prior to listing your property for sale. Order a pre-listing home inspection to be well-informed about the condition of your house.

Get the Information You Need

If you have been living in the home, you probably have an idea of some repairs that need to be made. For example, you have been thinking about fixing the sliding glass door that leaks when it rains or replacing missing window screens. The pre-listing inspection report uncovers issues that could cause a buyer to negotiate. You may choose to repair issues or lower your asking price and disclose those issues to buyers.

Handle Repairs on Your Own Time With a Pre-listing Home Inspection

Repairs discovered by the buyer’s inspector will likely require a professional contractor to fix, oftentimes that the buyer gets to choose. On the other hand, with a pre-listing inspection, you learn about issues ahead of time. This gives you control over whether you do the repairs yourself or hire a professional.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Choose Your Contractor

When your pre-listing inspection finds damages or defects, it provides the opportunity to bring in your own contractor. Rushing to find a contractor before the closing date often means overspending for emergency repair work.

Ordering a pre-listing inspection prior to putting your home on the market allows you to take your time and make smart financial decisions about repairs.

Learn About Home’s Value With a Pre-Listing Inspection

You might not want to take on the expense of making some improvements. Repairing the foundation or replacing the roof are costly and time-consuming projects.

The good news is you and your realtor can use this information when setting the listing price. You may ask a lower price for your home if you don’t want to address problems. By disclosing the reasoning for the price to the buyer, you are less likely to get stuck in negotiations during closing.

Save Time

Some buyers will see that you’ve had a pre-listing inspection and won’t request another inspection of the property. When they accept your pre-listing inspection report and see the repairs you’ve made, they may decide to purchase based on that information. A seller who provides the pre-listing inspection for review is seen as more trustworthy, which gives the buyer confidence in their purchase.

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