Summer is here. The kids are out of school, the air conditioner is on, and your energy bills begin to creep up again. Extreme utility costs don’t have to be the summer norm. By taking a few minor steps, you can save hundreds of dollars on your energy costs in the warmer months. Here are a few easy ways to reduce cooling costs.

1. Reducing Cooling Costs by Adjusting the Thermostat

Being comfortable in your home depends on the temperature differential between the inside and the outside more than the setting on the thermostat. So, to help reduce summer cooling costs, base the temperature in your home on the temperature outside. As long as the temperature is 5 – 10 degrees cooler, you and your family should be comfortable without breaking the bank.

2. Utilize Solar Panels to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer

If you are willing to make an investment in your home, a residential solar system may be the way to go. Because solar panels create energy by converting sunlight into electricity, you will spend less on your local utilities. Every kilowatt-hour that your solar system creates is one less you’ll pay for. Because homes get the most sunlight in the summer, this is when the energy savings will be highest.

3. Invest In A Smart Thermostat

Do you pay for cooling your home when no one is there? Millions of people cool their homes while they’re at work in order to be comfortable when they get home. You reduce summer cooling costs if you make your cooling system work around your schedule. A smart thermostat can be programmed to shut off during the day and turn on before you return home. You’ll save energy without giving up comfort.

4. Choose Grilling Over Baking

Keeping your house cool during the summer means making decisions about kitchen use. Cooking generates a great deal of heat which raises your cooling costs. To avoid this, grill outside a few times per week or prepare cold meals instead of using the oven indoors. This is easier on your cooling system and easier on your wallet.

5. Keep Unused Rooms Closed Off

To reduce summer cooling costs, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to close off rooms which are rarely used. This can include spaces like the basement, a spare bedroom, or in-home office. This will help your air conditioner cool the used spaces quicker and with less energy.

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