Many pool owners look forward to spending warm summer days by the pool. Along with regular maintenance and repairs, there are some impactful things you can do to upgrade your swimming pool. Here are a few ways you’ll benefit from making improvements to the pool.

  • Improved pool functionality, enhanced beauty, and more overall enjoyment for your family
  • Better use of energy and water that reduces monthly utility bills
  • Operating ease and reduced maintenance time
  • Minimizing costly and labor-intensive repairs

It’s best to hire professional pool renovators because they’re experienced and knowledgeable about updates. Here are a few ways you might improve your pool.

Replace Old Tiles to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

Although regular cleaning of your pool interior will help keep the tiles in good condition, you will eventually need to replace them. Installing new tiles enhances your pool’s appearance. Choose tiles that complement the color scheme and mood of the pool area.

Modify the Coping

Coping is the material around the edges of the pool. It is installed between the deck and pool structure to frame the pool. Replacing a cracked, loose, and crumbling border with a new material improves the stability of your pool. Intact coping also helps to keep water from getting behind the pool container.

Replaster the Interior

Nothing improves your pool like newly applied plaster. When you resurface the pool, the interior will look new again. Wear and tear happen over time and can result in stains, chipped plaster, and other types of material deterioration.

Upgrade the Water Purification

If you’re relying on outdated water purification methods like powder or liquid chlorine, consider using the sanitizing alternatives available today. Newer sanitizing methods are gentler on your hair, eyes, nails, and skin.

For example, an ozone generator reduces the amount of chlorine required in your pool by almost 90%. Including an ultraviolet germicidal light in the ozone generator makes an effective and powerful combination that keeps your pool healthy without many chemicals.

Improve the Heating System to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool

When deciding on pool upgrades, look at ways to warm your pool faster and at a reduced cost. You can do this by updating the heating system in your pool with a modern, ultra-efficient unit. Newer natural gas heaters have a higher thermal efficiency rating. They heat the water faster and with fewer byproducts, meaning this is a sustainable and healthy choice for the environment

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