Whether you’re planning a relaxing evening or an outdoor dinner party, an outdoor fire brings warmth and ambiance. However, whenever you are near an open flame you need to be careful. Here are 3 ways to practice fire pit safety.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Location of the Pit

Your fire pit should be at least 15 feet away from trees, your home, and any other structure. Anything flammable such as gear, twigs, shrubs, and plants should also be far away from the pit. If any branches are hanging down from a tree next to the site, you should trim the branches or cut them down completely to prevent sparks from igniting a fire. There should also be ample distance between the pit and any furniture to minimize the risk of getting burned. Children should be watched closely around a fire. Put non-combustible materials like bricks, rocks, or cement pavers around the border of your firepit for extra safety.

Type of Fuel

The most common source of fuel for outdoor fire pits is either gas or wood, depending on your type of fire pit. A firestarter log can also be used to start the fire along with small twigs and sticks. As the fire begins to catch, add larger sticks and finally place logs on top of it. A few things to avoid burning when starting the firepit include softwoods like cedar and pine, trash, and construction materials like plywood that give off toxic fumes. Gasoline and lighter fluid should never be used to start the fire as they could potentially harm the people surrounding the pit.

Fire Pit Safety Precautions

The fire pit should be built out in the open and never in an enclosed space of any kind. When the weather is windy, don’t use your fire pit. The wind could blow sparks to surrounding bushes or shrubs and make the fire spread outside of the pit. Check your local ordinances for fire bans and restrictions in your area. You should always be ready to extinguish the fire if an accident occurs. Having a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket, or even a bucket of sand ready is smart when using the fire pit.

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