Procrastinating on home maintenance and small repairs can lead to future issues and costly damages. Be sure to complete these six important home maintenance chores on a regular basis.

1. Checking for Leaks is One of the Most Important Home Maintenance Chores

Leaky faucets, pipes, appliances, and roofs allow water to enter your home and may cause mold and wood rot. It’s easy to find and fix a leaky faucet, but leaks inside walls may require a professional with special equipment to discover.

Insulate pipes in freezing temps to protect them from bursting. Inspect your roof regularly, especially after harsh weather, for missing or cracked tiles and have them replaced. Climb into the attic and check for dark stains on the boards. Check around skylights, chimneys, and exhaust flues. Keep gutters clear of leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters allow water to back up and damage the roof and siding.

2. Home Maintenance Chores for Exterior Siding

No matter what type of siding your home has, keeping it in good condition is important. Quality siding makes your home look better and wards off damage from water and pests. Keep wood siding and trim well-painted. Repair or replace vinyl planks or any other type of siding that is damaged or missing. Hire an expert for the jobs you can’t do yourself. Professionals will cost more, but they will get the job done correctly.

3. Control Destructive Pests

Pests can be destructive to your home. Rodents chew wires and can cause electrical problems and even fires. Insects like termites and carpenter ants burrow into your home’s wood to make their nests. Regular inspections and treatments for wood-destroying insects will save you thousands.

4. Repair Caulking

The caulking around sinks and tubs prevents water from seeping into the surrounding crevices. Over time, caulking tends to dry up and crack. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest and cheapest home maintenance chores. You’ll save yourself from having to replace rotting wood and drywall later.

5. Inspect Your Home’s Foundation

Regularly check your home’s foundation and any concrete slabs for cracks and fissures. Small cracks are easy to fix with inexpensive products available at home improvement stores. Bigger cracks will require help from a professional. Don’t plant large bushes and shrubs close to your home’s foundation because their roots can cause cracks.

6. Reseal Outdoor Decking

Resealing your outdoor deck every few seasons is much cheaper than repairing the joists and ties underneath. As a rule of thumb, water should bead up on your deck. It’s smart to clean your deck often and reseal it every two to three years.

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