Get Your Offer Accepted

The process of buying a house can be an exhausting experience, especially if it’s the first time you’ve bought a home. Before you begin looking at houses, there are some important things to know before making an offer on a house. Here are some helpful tips on how to get your offer accepted when buying a house.

Knowing When Most Houses Are Sold

Spring and summer are the seasons when most people purchase a new home. Because of this, fall and winter are often good times to consider looking because there aren’t as many potential buyers. Take advantage of this tip if you’re looking for less competition in the market.

Making an Offer on a House with Problems

Most buyers will make an offer on the home they like best and will walk away from houses that are in need of a lot of repairs. If you’re willing to make some renovations and upgrades, making an offer on a home that needs work will likely be accepted.

Handling a Rejected Offer

Don’t panic if the seller rejects your offer, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that another buyer will come in with one that will be accepted. Depending on the home’s interest level, you may be able to submit a modified offer that the seller will accept.

It’s recommended to hire a real estate agent, as their expertise will make the difference when making an offer on a house. If your offer is rejected, your agent will advise you on how to modify the offer before presenting it to the seller again.

The Process of Making an Offer on a House

Once you find a house you like, it’s time to make an offer. Being generous with due diligence and earnest deposits will improve your chances of getting your offer accepted when buying a home.

Your offer should be as clean as possible, but keep in mind that some contingencies, like a home inspection contingency, are there to protect you. Don’t ask for personal property in the deal and be sure to set a timely closing date.

A Real Estate Agent Will Help When Making an Offer on a House

One of the benefits of working with a real estate agent is that they act as an intermediary between you and the seller. This means that if your offer is rejected or you need to renegotiate terms, your agent will be there to help keep the process moving along.

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